Netflix Bags Fourth Toronto Film Fest Gem 'His Three Daughters' for $7M

Netflix has just secured its fourth film that was showcased at last month's Toronto Film Festival, acquiring 'His Three Daughters' for a pretty penny indeed – just shy of $7 million, as our sources have gathered. CAA Media Finance brokered the deal for worldwide rights.

Behind this captivating film stands Azazel Jacobs, who not only scripted but directed and edited the project, illustrating multi-faceted talent. The star-studded cast includes Natasha Lyonne, Elizabeth Olsen, and Carrie Coon, attracting audiences with familiar and respected faces.

This marks Netflix's fourth major acquisition from Toronto's festival after bringing aboard 'Hit Man' directed by Richard Linklater for approximately $20 million and 'Woman of the Hour' directed by Anna Kendrick for over $10 million. Yet another addition is 'Mountain Queen: The Summits of Lhakpa Sherpa', a high-altitude documentary about the first Nepali woman to have successfully summited Mount Everest and lived to tell the tale.

'His Three Daughters' made its world premiere on September 9 at the Princess of Wales Theater. The film is a tense exploration of family dynamics where three estranged sisters find themselves clustering around their ailing father. Their reunion triggers multifaceted reactions from the high-strung Katie (Coon), Rachel (Lyonne) who's ready to check out after a year spent caregiving their father, and the youngest, Christina (Olsen,) who strives to maintain a brittle peace in their father's small apartment.

The movie is a co-production between several motion picture companies including High Frequency Entertainment, Arts & Sciences, Tango, Animal Pictures, Talkies Inc., and Case Study Films.

Now, shifting our lens to spotlight the nuances of this deal.

Has Netflix gone on a shopping spree or is it a strategic move to broaden their content library? It seems the streaming giant is not shy about loosening its purse strings acquiring films that uniquely resonate with diverse audiences worldwide.

'His Three Daughters', for instance, packs emotional dynamite into a familiar setting – the good ol' family reunion, albeit not the cheerful kind. It deals with something every family faces, the inevitability of loss, while exploring the different ways individuals cope. In this case, a winning recipe promotes familiarity and relatability, appealing to audiences globally.

As for the powerful trio of Lyonne, Olsen, and Coon, it's like ordering coffee in Italy. You know it will be good, you just don’t know how good until you take that first sip. They paint a poignant display of familial emotions that is bound to captivate audiences.

The question isn't whether the dollars are flowing or not, this is Hollywood after all. What we need to take note of is where they are flowing to, and at least for now, it seems they're riding high on storytelling that feels close to home and heart.

For Netflix, we'd say quite the savvy move. But, then again, who are we to coach an Olympian in strategy? We're simply here to bring the popcorn, watch, and – in this case – write about the game.

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